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A Facial for Royalty

Posted by on Feb 27, 2017 in Facials | 0 comments

  You get out of the Taxi because you had to leave the ’77 pinto parked at the curb several blocks away. You think it has finally croaked for good. A week so stressful that you can’t even imagine missing this appointment. As you hurry along to the door you glance at your watch to make sure you are not late and will not have to reschedule because you really need this. You reach the front desk as a lady from the other side smiles with a warm welcome. Hello and how would you like to feel today; she asked? Taking a deep breath and pausing in a slight moment of thought; you replied. “Like Royalty”. Then ” A Facial for Royalty” you shall have she replied. Please follow me. As you pass a lady who looked like Cleopatra with a golden mask upon her face; you began to feel excitement in the pit of your stomach. Is that real gold you ask? Why yes 24 K she replied; as she opened a silk curtain to let you enter…   How is this Imaginary Scenario doing for you so far? Are you wondering does such a facial exist? Well actually; yes, it does. You see gold has some more awesome properties other than being shiny; fancy on the eye and holds more value than just wealth. The Ancient Egyptians believed that gold had healing powers and the element itself was a cure for all aspects of physical, mental and spiritual ailments. It was believed that Cleopatra herself wore pure gold for a young beautiful radiant complexion . The Egyptians was not the only ones who believed gold had its healing worth; the Romans created gold preparations and used them for treatments of skin lesions and sores. Also In ancient Chinese medicine, gold was the secret to youthful skin. Today, the immaculate gold leaf is used in the treatment and rejuvenation of multiple skin conditions. This process of application of gold compounds to medicine, is called chrysotherapy, and is known in it ability of reducing inflammation of a variety of diseases, So, remember the next time you want to feel...

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Stress Local Spa

Posted by on Feb 15, 2017 in Spa Talk | 0 comments

This is seriously the season for colds; and stuffy noses. Colds that commonly escalade into the dreaded flu. There are vaccinations that we can all receive to prevent the flu. But like most viruses the flu has the capability to mutate and beat the vaccination that’s at hand. We have seen or experienced this through ourselves; loved ones or we have seen it on our local news channel. Schools shutting down weeks at a time because of illness; in hopes of letting the virus run its course without claiming its next victim. To stop the spread from child to child and house hold to household. It’s an annual epidemic we all face every single year. Even though we are faithful to our vaccinations it would still be nice to have a bodily defense that will keep our bodies from turning into a battle ground of cellular destruction. If there was something one could do about defending themselves from this epidemic; would it be done? We have heard endless times that “stress” is the leading killer in the united states. However, have you ever thought deeply into this statement? Think about what stress can cause and how it effects the body. Think now what a simple cold could do to a “stressed” host? If we could eliminate “stress” our body could produce a defense system that would can fend off the worse of colds and could even adapt to fighting off mutant strands. To do this, we would have to eliminate stressed situations or at least keep it to a minimum. To do this one must understand that stress is physical; mental; and emotional and we have to defend all three to eliminate the: stressed” effects on the body. To reduce stress in all three spectrums could be something as simple as how we treat ourselves. Something as simple as an hour or two at the “local spa” could put a deep impact on the “stress relief” module. A simple facial using beneficial products such as peppermint or spearmint could really relieve the abundance of stress and energize the body inside and out. This treatment could be physically soothing; mentally...

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7 Types of Facials

Posted by on Feb 6, 2017 in Facials | 0 comments

There are many “types of facials” to enjoy for different reasons. Today we are going to talk about “7 types of facials”. Let’s break them down for you so you can understand what they are and what type of facial you would like to experience the next time you book your spa appointment. Let’s start with the Norm and call it a Normal or Regular Facial; this facial is usually just a simple cleanse and steam facial with a slight bit of massage. These facial cost the least and is a great choice for people with normal skin and that does not have an acne issue. Then there are the “Special Facials” that is a slight step upwards from the normal or regular facial. These are usually conducted with a special hypoallergenic cream that has been specifically formulated to moisturize the skin and the perks are face packs are applied with rejuvenation techniques. Other facials are: -Alpha Hydroxy Acid facials -Also known as AHA acid creams that are derived from fruits and flowers. These types of facials are known for their anti-aging effects with smoother and healthier looking skin. -Bio-lift facials are a type of facial that include treatments that help diminish dark circles under the eye while the bio-mask tones and tightens the skin, leaving a younger look. -Paraffin facials involve an application of a special paraffin mask on the face over layers of gauze. This is thought to seal in a special anti-aging and rejuvenating cream that is applied to the skin. FYI; This type of facial is often offered in bridal party arrangement packages. -Anti-oxidant and pollution-fighting facials are for people who need to be outdoors. Creams and masks are used that are enriched with free-radical fighting agents like vitamin A, beta-carotene and vitamin E. This facial starts by removing unwanted Pollutants before the deep cleansing stage. -Acne facials; these are facials usually formulated on the person and are recommended bi-weekly until the problem goes away. There are more facials with other different reason but these 7 are the most common “types of facials” performed. So now when you book your next spa appointment just maybe...

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“The Face” Why Facials?

Posted by on Feb 3, 2017 in Facials | 0 comments

  Why should anyone receive a facial, you ask? Facials can be more benefitting than not and very important to the life and appearance of one of the most seen body parts out there; “the face”. If one washes their face before bed and when they wake; add moisturizers or creams, lotions or potions of any kind; they have just given themselves a type of facial. It is considered a professional Facial when one attends or books a spa type facial service and a trained technician conducts the facial using simple cleansing and steaming products on the basic end to higher end products that include extracts from various plants and herbs. Facials are received to treat surface issues on the face such as moisturizing dry flaky skin; clearing or lighting dark or blotchy like patches. Treating acne is a popular reason one receives frequent facials. These are conducted more so with teens as the adolescent skin rebels in its life changing confused state along with its attached being living the same stages and changes all at once. Restoring skin color is another reason one receives facials along with the wonderful ability to tone the skin. A fabulous reason frequently sought after by the aging. Toning “the face” makes one feel a step closer to the “Fountain of Youth”. When one receives a Facial they are simply receiving a deep skin treatment that will cleanse, rehydrate and rejuvenate the skin and not to forget to mention to diminish the dreadful ageing process for all “wrinkles”. Facials are received in hopes of finding the ultimate result; a beautiful; glowing skin that simply seems “ageless”. Facials are the more relaxing and desired approach to the “Fountain of Youth” that simply leaves one smiling feeling refreshed; cleansed; perfected in that “ageless” manner that excites one’s inner youth to become viable and present once again. To experience the benefits; pros and cons of a Facial the best thing to do is Book yours as soon as you get a moment. The ending result maybe you’re most exhilarating one...

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