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What if I told you that there is an innovative facial mask that has been formulated with bio-active ingredients that includes pure natural extracts and collagen; would you be interested?

What if I told you it only had a one-way absorption and hydration level of 98%; would you understand what that meant?

What if I told you this mask has the ability to hydrate; soften and detoxify the skin while enhancing blood circulation. By doing so it minimizes skin pores; fine lines and wrinkles as it improves your skin color; tone and texture; reviving your skin to a healthy happy radiance. Would you want one?

Are you just a bit curious now of what kind of facial this is?

Well I am going to tell you. Believe it or not this facial is made up of one of the world’s most known and sought after element. Can you guess?

If your first thought was Gold; then don’t second guess yourself because you are absolutely right!

Gold has healing qualities and has been used for more than just money; fine jewelry and conductivity in electronics and USB cables.

The Chinese beauty treatment company “Umosen” has developed a facial treatment which basically applies 24 karat gold onto a patients face. This “24 k” Collagen Crystal facial mask is that innovative transparent facial mask sheet formulated to do the above that I was telling you about.

It’s really not that farfetched at all; I mean Cleopatra knew the power of gold and beauty. Besides Cleopatra wearing a golden mask for her complexion and now; are not the only times Gold has been used for medicinal purposes. It has been used throughout times for many purposes. One thing gold has always had the power to do is to give the essence of Royalty.


So next time you need a facial ask about a “24 k” face. Take your time and truly feel like Royalty. You deserve it. Look at it this way; you can say what only few can. You have literally had a facial from gold.