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Finding The Perfect Gift

Even though Christmas is one of the most exciting Holidays celebrated today; it can still be a little hectic when trying to pick the Best gift. It’s hard to buy for the ones who have everything already. Or the difficult ones that is never satisfied with what they have. Oh, not to mention the not-so appreciative ones that you go their annual yard sale just to see what they are selling your gift for from the Christmas before.

I know you know exactly what I am talking about. We all have one type or another that we shop for every Christmas and we all know the feeling of dread when it comes to finding that “Perfect Gift”. Some of us just give up before we start our “Perfect Gift” search and settle with a gift card at the local retail store. But even that is frustrating because even that may not fit our budget and that is literally putting a price on someone.

I like to think outside the box when I am searching for the “Perfect Gift”

at Christmas. I think about what is completely out of routine that I know they will never get for themselves. We all have a habit of doing for others before ourselves. If you are a parent you know exactly what I am talking about. The children are always first and then everyone else until you are so exhausted with parenting; work and life that there just isn’t time for you.

This is the thought you place in your mind when search for the “Perfect Christmas Gift”. I have the solution to the money bounding devastating headache concurring gift search. Instead of a physical; and price set money card; why not try buying them a gift certificate for a service that will pamper them. These maybe a little unusual but I guarantee they

will be completely appreciated. Here are 3 Awesome Last Minute “Perfect Christmas Gift” Ideas.

  1. A Wax– Yes; a little out of the Ordinary; but most people do not buy this service do to time and money. But this is a service that can fit your budget. This service does not stop with the common eyebrow and facial waxing. This is a service that can go much further than that! This is a service that will literally go “Down Under “and I’m not just talking about the underarms either! Check your local spa and see what type of waxing service they offer. Get a package deal such as multiple waxing services. It may seem a little weird at first but I can promise you this; no matter if it’s secretly they will smile to themselves and you will NOT see it at the Spring Yard Sale!
  2. Eyelash Extensions– Although this may be more for the ladies; it will be an unbelievable “Perfect Gift” that will never be forgotten. Most women want to look their very best and will not take it upon themselves to go out of their comfort zone to look that way. If they have never received this service, they most likely will not take it upon themselves to try. But if this service is bought for them they will either love it or decide that they are comfortable the way they are. Either way it’s a win in the gift category because it will be a memorable pain free experience never forgotten!
  3. A facial or Skin Care– This is a service just like the wax that can be appreciated by the ladies and gents. A relaxing appointment at the spa; a chance to sleep and have your face pampered with a skin enhancing and rejuvenating recipe that will keep a smile for days! This is by far one of the best pampered treatments ever I think. The only way this gets any better is a full body massage. But this is just as good and less invasive. Besides our face is the first thing confronted daily. What would be better than facing the day with a rejuvenated and healthy face?

Now that you have thought outside the box don’t get frustrated get motivated and smile because your gift will be booted to number one for this year and years to come. Go on and get the “Perfect Christmas Gift” and enjoy your own Holiday without the Holiday Trauma Drama!