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You get out of the Taxi because you had to leave the ’77 pinto parked at the curb several blocks away. You think it has finally croaked for good. A week so stressful that you can’t even imagine missing this appointment.

As you hurry along to the door you glance at your watch to make sure you are not late and will not have to reschedule because you really need this. You reach the front desk as a lady from the other side smiles with a warm welcome. Hello and how would you like to feel today; she asked?

Taking a deep breath and pausing in a slight moment of thought; you replied. “Like Royalty”. Then ” A Facial for Royalty” you shall have she replied. Please follow me. As you pass a lady who looked like Cleopatra with a golden mask upon her face; you began to feel excitement in the pit of your stomach. Is that real gold you ask? Why yes 24 K she replied; as she opened a silk curtain

to let you enter…


How is this Imaginary Scenario doing for you so far?

Are you wondering does such a facial exist? Well actually; yes, it does. You see gold has some more awesome properties other than being shiny; fancy on the eye and holds more value than just wealth.

The Ancient Egyptians believed that gold had healing powers and the element itself was a cure for all aspects of physical, mental and spiritual ailments. It was believed that Cleopatra herself wore pure gold for a young beautiful radiant complexion


The Egyptians was not the only ones who believed gold had its healing worth; the Romans created gold preparations and used them for treatments of skin lesions and sores. Also In ancient Chinese medicine, gold was the secret to youthful skin.

Today, the immaculate gold leaf is used in the treatment and rejuvenation of multiple skin conditions. This process of application of gold compounds to medicine, is called chrysotherapy, and is known in it ability of reducing inflammation of a variety of diseases,

So, remember the next time you want to feel like royalty leaving your spa appointment know there is such a thing as “A Facial for Royalty” and the benefits can be above and beyond Royal.

Such benefits can be priceless…

Priceless benefits such as the Reduction of Wrinkles, Fine Lines and Age Spots to name a few. There are others such as:

Slowing down Collagen Depletion and Treating Sun Damage and Increase Skin Elasticity while Stimulating the skin cells. Not to mention its vast ability to be used in Allergy Treatments while leaving you with a Super Natural ability to slow down premature aging and leave you with radiant glowing skin.

So Now that you know there is “A facial for Royalty” I am going to let you finish the Imaginary Scenario above with a realistic chance to set your appointment and feel like Royalty.