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I was looking in the mirror yesterday thinking to myself about the New Year coming up. It’ s hard to believe it is 2017! Now I have made many New Year’s Resolutions; some I have fulfilled and others; well let’s just say that I just couldn’t seem to reach the height I intended too.

But this year must be different; this year must be reachable and this year needs to be in the positive so much that the ripples it places in my life will become a tsunami on all the negative.

I do not know about you but it seems like all the resolutions I made and could not reach had to do with singling one thing out about myself such as lose a few pounds; or quit drinking Mountain Dew. These things just didn’t pan out throughout the year.

Sure, it did for a while but by the years’ time I gained my weight back plus a few extra and I quit drinking the soda but then ended up doing the dew all over again. I think we make so many New Year’s Resolutions in one go is why we fail so miserably.

But, what if I made a New Year’s Resolution that was so powerful that it could conquer all the failed ones combined by the year end, if I implemented just that one thing. I mean it is possible; if you drop one stone into a lake the ripples keep going and going, right? So why couldn’t one apply one positive to their life and continue the success in multiple areas?

I think one broad spectrum that I completely fail in is taking care of me; setting things aside for myself. Dealing with the children, my spouse, work and life in general daily completely takes up my time. By the time the day creeps into night all I want to do is feel the pillow on my cheek. I am sure you know the feeling. It gets so complicated and busy I live my life by a little purple book that say’s “Moms Busy Planner” and if it is not written in my planner it does not get executed! So, what if I jotted down an hour slot for myself a day inside my planner and do something for me within that hour, would I get it done?

I have a slight OCD that will not allow me to quit until there is a little check mark beside all my duties in a days’ time. So, If I could just make an appointment with myself daily I believe I can stick to my New Year’s Resolution. I could spend the first hour making appointments and planning my week within the time slots I have available. If I have appointments out town I usually simply book everything kinds together to make one trip, since I live about 20 miles from town. I could book an appointment to get a waxing; such as my eye brows or something else that I feel the need to get a waxing on; maybe my legs since I find it very hard to take time to shave them!

I also find it seriously hard to apply my make-up and I do not like to go anywhere without full long looking lashes; so, while I am out I could book a slot for some lash extensions. In doing so it would free up a few more minutes each morning putting on my Mascara. Right?

Lash Extensions I have never done; and I am willing to try anything once. I would gain experience, time and beauty all at once! Speaking of beauty; I stay stressed a lot and find it hard to even wash my face at night; I could book me a facial and relax as I get my beauty on! I am getting so excited as I write this I can hardly wait till the New Year to arrive!

So, yeah, I will answer my own question; it is possible to implement one thing to conquer many. You see I just realized that I am not taking anything at all away! I am simply adding one thing in my daily routine. So instead of going into 2017 with a dread of absence I can go into the year with a New Year’s Resolution that will add a positive fulfilment in one tiny 60-minute appointment! Good Luck in 2017!