DSC_1147_2With over 20 years of beauty industry training and experience, one can say that Dilia Blondin is truly one of the top trusted beauty consultants in Chicago. She began her career as a nurse in Lithuania, where Estheticians must also have a medical background in order to practice. Dilia states that her nursing background is what contributes to her tender care and patience that she displays with every client.

Dilia stands out among any other Esthetician in the Chicago land area because she is willing to take the time to offers unique skin treatments based specifically upon the client’s individual skin needs and conditions. “I customize each treatment using mostly natural European and American products with just a touch of chemical ingredients to correct stubborn skin conditions.”

What this means for the client is that they will not receive the same standard treatments that any other client may receive which may not apply to their particular needs. After a consultation, Dilia will develop a treatment and care plan tailored specifically to you.

Dillia’s time and delicacy in her craft extends even into her eyebrow waxing. “I take time and pride in sculpting and tinting eyebrows which I believe can transform a person’s look, which then transfers over to their self confidence and overall happiness”.

Dillia offers a variety of services to clients which includes gentle body waxing, chemical peals, eyebrow tinting, scrubs, microdermabrasion, relaxing body treatments, facial masks, body hydration treatments and much more.

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