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Ageless Beauty facialAgeless Beauty Facial

Your skin is the mirror to your health and wellbeing so it’s also the first organ to show the signs of ageing. You can’t stop the clock or avoid the ageing process but, by introducing a few good daily habits, such as the 10 revealed here, you can stroll through the years with health, confidence and radiance on your side.
A highly stimulating anti-aging treatment for all skin types, except extremely sensitive skin. This exquisite facial includes a lemon & lime anti-oxidant gel, algae and natural phyto-estrogens to give skin clarity and increase circulation. As this is a highly active masque, please note that it is normal to experience a healthy, rosy glow after treatment. it is also a great pick-me-up and your complexion is absolutely revitalized and ready for a night on the town!
If exaggerated promises from products claiming to ‘make you look 10 years younger’ sound too good to be true, they probably are. Harnessing the latest research, trusted expert wisdom, innovative botanicals and a few high-tech advances, here are some of the best and most effective options for an ageless beauty. Ones that put the glow into skin, a spring in your step and help you radiate positivity that’s more youthful than a needle-full of wrinkle smoother, whatever your age!

Keeping your youthful looks is easy when you know how. These quick natural tips from the experts will keep you on track.

1. Supplement Your Skin:

‘Deep down inside the gut is where real ageing begins. If you’re thinking of taking supplements, here are the nutrients that will enhance skin renewal and ensure it stays clear and fresh.

VITAMIN Bs – these help metabolize proteins and fats and are essential for cell renewal and supple skin.
EAT IT: Green leafy vegetables and watercress.
VITAMIN C – a multi-purpose antioxidant used by your body for tissue repair and formation of collagen, which keeps skin firm.
VITAMIN E – an essential antioxidant and protector for skin.
EAT IT: Sunflower seeds, almonds and spinach. Soak nuts overnight to reduce the phytic acid (which can be a gut irritant) and activate the nutrient-packed enzymes.

2. Eat Mindfully:

As we age, our metabolism slows down, which is why you can pile on the pounds more easily. ‘The simplest way to weight management is to stop eating mindlessly, Turn off the TV, computer and mobile phone and put away books or magazines – when eating, just eat and pay attention to what you’re eating, how much and how.

3. Drink Yourself Beautiful:

Collagen occurs naturally in our bodies and helps keep skin looking plump and youthful. Liquid supplements containing collagen, such as Skinade, are said to help hydrate skin, keeping it looking clearer and healthier and can get be a more efficient way of ingesting the ingredients.

4. Get Quality Sleep:

Yes, you’ve heard it all before, but sleep really is the magic bullet that pushes premature ageing back. ‘Overnight is when the body produces the most growth hormones, which aid cell and tissue repair. Your body also makes new collagen, the protein that keeps skin strong and elastic. For long, restful sleep, avoid consuming heavy, rich foods two hours before bed, unwind with a relaxing bath and put a few drops of soothing essential oils on your pillow.

5. Find a Good Face Cream:

It’s the one beauty secret everyone wants to know. What’s the best moisturizer to use? Miracle claims aside, a good moisturizer should hydrate, nourish and protect from environmental damage. Organic, natural or botanical-packed face creams can be just as high-performing as synthetic alternatives.

6. Do Yoga for Your Age:

Traditional yoga prescribes different practices to keep you at your best in different stages of life. In your twenties, for example, your body naturally demands a physical, dynamic and fast-flowing practice to loosen the body and help you burn off excess mental energy and calories. In your thirties, however, this can over-activate the adrenal glands, which will simply get you fired up and may not compliment an already demanding schedule. You still want a strong practice, but one that helps to balance and maintain your wellness.

7. Try the Make-up Facelift:

You can lift away the years with a fresher make-up look.
PLUMP: Layer your skincare to give a plumped-up, cushiony look to skin. ‘Tap a small amount of day oil onto your face, avoiding the T-zone and follow by softly massaging in a pea-sized amount of day cream. Massage as you go.’
BRIGHTEN: Bright eyes are a sign of youth, so give yourself an instant boost by lightening and correcting under the eyes. ‘Mix your concealer or foundation with a dab of day cream to soften the formula and avoid caking around the eyes.