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Types of Body Waxing for Her:

She wakes up in the morning washes her face; brushes her teeth and combs her hair. She glances closer in the mirror; leaning forward for a more observed look. Checking her eye brows; the skin on her face as she rolls her upper lip down for a tightening look-see; then raises her chin to see what’s on and underneath.

Being a woman is all about sleek; smooth; sexy finesses. A woman goes above and beyond to have smooth luscious skin and a well-maintained look. From styling her hair to applying her make-up appropriately.

Just as she goes faithfully to have her hair cut and styled at the local salon; she also has other, and more private hair styles that must be maintained as well. Other hair styles that require just a little bit more than a cut. These are hairstyles that require” Body Waxing for Her”.

Let’s look at the types of “Body Waxing for Her”

EYE BROWS: Bushy eye brows will hide the beauty in one’s eyes. Most women will have their eyebrows shaped in return they will appear to have brighter more beautiful eyes. Although others prefer no eye brows they will take it all off and draw their own brows or have them tattooed on. It’s only a matter of personal preference.

FACIAL: Upper Lip & Chin ~ Woman sometimes will have blonde or darker hairs grow more prominent the older they get on their upper lip and chin. Some will grow more than others and this can be due to a hormonal imbalance that also comes with maturity or a more ripened age. Shaving is not an option because it can increase hair growth and masculine stubbles that women just do not want.

UNDERARMS: Full-Arm~ Some women dislike the stubble even under their arms along with the same light growth that occurs on the lower arms. To refrain from stubble and a thicker regrowth; waxing is done on these areas as well.

LEGS: Waxing the legs will also rid stubble that can occur within hours of shaving and will also take longer for regrowth; so there for some has a preference to wax their legs rather than shave them.

These areas are the more widely known areas; however, Body Waxing for Her doesn’t stop there; other places exist such as “the hair down there” or the Pubic area.

The Pubic area is a more private waxing with multiple hair styles. Let’s look at some different” hair down there” styles.

BIKINI WAX – Think of the bikini wax as the loyal secretary. The one who is always at work at 8 am when her shift doesn’t start till 8:30. The one who politely volunteers to stay after hours without pay to tie up loose ends so the boss can pick up his kid from ball practice. She’s the one who is shingly polite and demur and has the most organized office space. The bikini wax has a tidy top and sides, while shaping just inside a standard bikini bottom. The lines are clean and cannot be seen at the Bosses Annual Pool Party.

FRENCH BIKINI WAX – Is the Bosses personal secretary. The one who acts innocent but has a flair for pushing things just to the edge just enough to keep everyone’s feathers flared. A French Bikini is the monkey in the middle; the one between the basic bikini and the Brazilian wax. This one is the one with a more characteristic flare. The one that’s not afraid to remove most of the front, but leaves a triangle or ‘landing strip.’ Proven “Bold” but still “Shy”.

BRAZILIAN BIKINI WAX – Is the mail room clerk; the one who puts on her ear phones and dances the day away as she sorts the mail. The one who doesn’t care about what people say about her and does what she wants.

The one who is “The Professional” and holds a night time career and is most sought after at “John Smiths Nightingales” She’s the first to try anything and the last to be talked about. A Brazilian bikini wax simply shows it all! It removes all the hair from front to back, leaving you “Naked and Loving it” with a silky-smooth touch of perfection. Some clients prefer a little bling to be remembered by; such as a little hair shaped as a triangle or a small ‘landing strip” for show and shhh…

So, you see woman do go all out and beyond to stay beautiful. To stay well groomed; in a sleek appealing sexy way by implementing many different types and styles of “Body Waxing for Her”.