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Types of Body Waxing for Him:


Woman are not the only ones who go through painful measures to be sexy. Men do too! Men get waxed for many reasons. Just as women going through extreme measures to make themselves eye candy for their partners or potential partners; so, do men. Men are human as women and they like to be secure and feel good about their self-image just as women. Some men do it because their partners prefer a smooth look; or they may like it personally because the benefits of waxing last much longer than shaving, without the course stubble, and razor burn. Not to mention the career or lifestyle he lives may influence a more well-groomed body such as sports, modeling, etc.

A man can receive the same type of waxing as Body Waxing for Her. Yet Body Waxing for Him adds a more masculine touch. Just as the Brazilian is for her; the Manzilian is for him.

A Manzilian is like a female Brazilian and involves the removal of hair from a man’s pubic area and backside. Like a female Brazilian, a Manzilian can be customized the way preferred by waxing to fit a desired style as the Bikini Wax; the French Bikini Wax and the Manzilian.

Also, accompanying the Manzilian are the legs; chest; stomach and back that are also considered types of “Body Waxing for Him”. So, you see that Body Waxing for Him is in demand just as much as it is for her.

Being manly does not mean you must be Beastly. 2016-11-27_1352



Being Manly can be as beautiful; strong and BOLD as being Naked and Not afraid to find


“Your Masculine in a Manzilian”.