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Green Rivers and Golden Facials!

Posted by on Mar 13, 2017 in Spa Talk | 0 comments

  If you are thinking what is there to do on this St. Patrick’s Day in this fast-paced year of 2017; GO TO CHICAGO! It’ s the NEW Happening place with” GREEN RIVERS and GOLDEN FACIALS“! The Chicago Leprechaun has his work cut out for this year. As the river is died green to lure him in to this fast paced happening place; get your dirty shoes ready because Milita Advance Skin Care has got the GOLD! It’s a Fun Filled Contest at Milita’s to win Gold; however, this gold isn’t in shiny little coins that are safely nestled in a steel pot at the end of the rainbow. Oh no; you must be sneaky with the Leprechauns gold so he doesn’t catch up with you. You see here is the grand plan for St. Patrick’s Day. All News and Broad cast are going to be focused on the once again dyed Chicago River to Celebrate this day of the Leprechauns Riddles and Tricks. But Milita has a trick up their sleeve. Milita is asking everyone to get out their dirtiest pair of shoes and set them out to slow down this Leprechaun because he already knows where his gold is at; because we all know a Leprechaun can hear his gold no matter what! But he CAN NOT stand a dirty pair of shoes so he must shine them before moving on! To WIN the GOLD at Milita’s your shoes must be shined the MOST! With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner we must speed up the process so to register to WIN THE GOLD you MUST Like Militias Advance Skin Care Facebook page; then go ahead and take a picture of your dirtiest dim shoes and post it on the Contest Posts Comments Section. Then tell everyone you know about your dirty shoes so the word will get out to the Leprechaun FAST. The More LIKES you get on your Dirty Shoes the longer it will take the Leprechaun to get to Milita’s to re-claim his gold. You see if you delay him the longest with the most Facebook Post Likes then you will reach his...

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Stress Local Spa

Posted by on Feb 15, 2017 in Spa Talk | 0 comments

This is seriously the season for colds; and stuffy noses. Colds that commonly escalade into the dreaded flu. There are vaccinations that we can all receive to prevent the flu. But like most viruses the flu has the capability to mutate and beat the vaccination that’s at hand. We have seen or experienced this through ourselves; loved ones or we have seen it on our local news channel. Schools shutting down weeks at a time because of illness; in hopes of letting the virus run its course without claiming its next victim. To stop the spread from child to child and house hold to household. It’s an annual epidemic we all face every single year. Even though we are faithful to our vaccinations it would still be nice to have a bodily defense that will keep our bodies from turning into a battle ground of cellular destruction. If there was something one could do about defending themselves from this epidemic; would it be done? We have heard endless times that “stress” is the leading killer in the united states. However, have you ever thought deeply into this statement? Think about what stress can cause and how it effects the body. Think now what a simple cold could do to a “stressed” host? If we could eliminate “stress” our body could produce a defense system that would can fend off the worse of colds and could even adapt to fighting off mutant strands. To do this, we would have to eliminate stressed situations or at least keep it to a minimum. To do this one must understand that stress is physical; mental; and emotional and we have to defend all three to eliminate the: stressed” effects on the body. To reduce stress in all three spectrums could be something as simple as how we treat ourselves. Something as simple as an hour or two at the “local spa” could put a deep impact on the “stress relief” module. A simple facial using beneficial products such as peppermint or spearmint could really relieve the abundance of stress and energize the body inside and out. This treatment could be physically soothing; mentally...

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What does a woman want?

Posted by on Jan 11, 2017 in Spa Talk | 0 comments

What does a woman truly want? What extremes does she go through to achieve it? This is not only a very confusing subject to a man but a very specific analytical one. To women our complex wants are as simple as it gets. Our wants are our needs and our needs are our wants. It may be very hard to understand this so allow me to try to put it into laymen’s terms for the “laying around wondering men” out there. You see a woman is like a vibrant flower that blooms when it is time to bloom. She will wilt as a flower but not die for she will lay dormant until it’s time to bloom again. When a woman is in bloom she is at her best. She smells beautiful; she is breath taking and happy; turning her surroundings into a scenery that will not allow you to close your eyes. At this moment is when she is appreciated and she knows it. She knows she is in existence and she is admired. The thing it is about being a woman is what it takes for her to be in bloom. What stages she must go through to get there. How long that flower lays dormant working; growing; and doing what it must do before it is in bloom. The flower automatically knows when in bloom it is no doubt anything less than perfection. A woman wants to feel the same way; and to feel this way there are things she needs to do. When she spends her day at the local spa; it’s not because she is selfish; it’s because she needs to be there and do what she must do to feel perfection. When she comes home from the spa with her relaxed improvements she wants you to notice the improvements and needs you to tell her what they are so she can bloom into her very own inner perfection. If you can understand this and implement it then you will never have to wonder what she wants again and she will always bloom and feel the admiration and adore how you think she is...

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