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Did you know that 50% of woman chose Mascara if they could have only one make up product? Being a woman myself I would say I agree.

Have you ever heard the term or statement that “One can see into the soul through the windows of one’s eyes”?

Maybe this is completely true; I mean we can read joy or fear by considering one’s eyes; even love and compassion; so, if we can see all of this by looking in the eyes of another why couldn’t it be true; right?


Women get this a bit more than men; they have at least a better understanding of it. Think of all the money and countless hours spent on enhancing and highlighting their eyes to draw attentive attraction to themselves.

We love make-up but we are always searching for the better lighter more natural enhancements that are not ruthless to our skin. When it comes to Mascara the ultimate, goal is to purchase one that is light; does not mat and makes our lashes seem longer and thicker as we curl them to our preferred state.

But sometimes the greatest mascara just doesn’t do our eyes the justice we seek. It can get frustrating to spend hours in front of a mirror and not have the finishing result one wants. After spending all that time most of us just leave it all on when we finally sleep at night and we wake in the morning with the all too well known term of “Raccoon Eyes”. Make-up smeared, and smudged in places that you seriously wonder how it got there; and then you see your “once white” pillow case and then things become clear.

Even if you are aware you fell asleep with your make-up on and you see the pillow case first; it just still doesn’t seem to prepare you for what’s next. It just doesn’t help the brain to trigger caution as you walk into the bathroom and look in the mirror; it’s always the same immediate shock of: Who the Hell!?

And then calm “Oh that’s me” reaction.

2016-12-11_0537You can’t help to think “Only if they would come out with some Raccoon Be-Gone” you would purchase it.

But you know there is something already in existence as such. It can rid the mascara plastering all together. Then you will never see the coon again!

Yes. I am telling you there is an answer to this; and you know all that time you waste putting on the mascara plaster to get your long thick eyelash appeal? Well you can sleep while you are achieving it!

No I haven’t lost it; it’s called “Eye Lash Extensions”; just like others get extensions in their hair; the same thing can be done to your eyelashes. Pain FREE!

You can get them put in as thick and long as you wish and have them shaped to complete sexy perfection; with no raccoons to dictate how your night went?

It’s a little pricey at the beginning but I must say you get what you pay for and it is going to be 100 times cheaper than “When you actually give yourself a heart attack” one morning strolling to the bathroom mirror!

Yes, you must have them maintained; but not every day starring into the mirror; and every time you do; you can nap. That’s complete Awesomeness if you ask me! Someone else turns your lashes into complete perfection and you get to sleep! Win; win situation don’t you think?

My advice to you: Before you take another trip to Raccoon City; take a moment and consider eyelash extensions and a nap; I promise when you wake and look in the mirror you will never want it any other way!