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Getting A Wax

When you hear the term; “Wax” One may automatically think a simple feminine eye brow shaping and upper lip and chin removal of a slight hormonal engaged growth of unwanted hair.

Getting a wax is much more than just eyebrow shaping, upper lip and chin hair removal. It’s a whole world of services that allow one to open their self-confidences of a sexy; sleek body. For the record “Getting A Wax” is not just for the feminine side of things; It can be quite “Masculine” in many more ways than one.

getting_a_waxI am sure you have heard that “Getting A Wax” can be slightly painful; and you may wonder why would anyone want to put themselves through pain. It’s quite simple “Beauty is pain” and this term started with services like this. However, “Getting a Wax” has come a long way since the first service was done.

There are many different types of waxes using strips or material that will lay on the applied wax to pull the hair by lifting the strip. Then there are waxes that you do not even need a strip or material; these waxes are simply applied and allow to sit for a moment then removed by a quick pull.

“Getting A Wax” is simply not just pouring on wax and ripping off; there is an actual art to waxing and each person that provides a wax service should have been taught how to give an appropriate wax. By having the knowledge of how to give a wax; pulls the pain threshold to a minimum and reveals the true beauty of the skin.

So, the next time you hear someone say I’m “getting a wax”; allow your mind to wonder “What type of wax?” Because like I said before a wax is for the feminine and the masculine and the sole purpose to getting a wax is hair removal on the body. Where ever hair grows, there is a wax technique and service that can be performed to reveal one’s sex appeal.