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During all the Holiday rush of gift searching; wrapping and deal stampeding we sometimes forget about a close friend that is with us every second of the day. The one that embraces us in the cold and protects from the Big, the Bad, and the Ugly!

The one that knows us the deepest and will jump out and take a beaten quick fast and in a hurry to protect us from any ill elements that awaits us!

How can we forget something so close right? It’s because we tend to forget that our best friend is not only a living organism but our truest friend. No, it’s not a sister; or brother, or family member or any other person we are aquatinted with; it is even closer than our own mothers.

What on earth could be closer than our very own barrier of life? Simple; “Our Skin”; from Superficial to deep or skin protects us and is constant combat for us to keep us from harm or any kind; keeping us well; happy and healthy.

We sometimes forget that our skin needs protecting too! When we need rest and TLC; what do you think about your skin? It doesn’t take a nap or a break from protecting us at any time. It is there around the clock; 24/7 and 365 days out of a year! Always Protecting. Always embracing. Always there no matter what!

So, if you are sitting there; relaxing and taking a break from all the Holiday Madness; remember there is one thing left to do in 2016; and that is to treat your skin to an exhilarating session of absolute TLC. Take your skin out on a date to your local spa and set an appointment for at least one hour of pure relaxation and rejuvenation for your skin.

I mean that’s the least you could do since your skin takes care of you the other 8,759 hours of the year. Don’t worry though because it will still be there for you in that 8,760th hour too! So; GET UP and take your skin to the spa today!