As we have a high volume of clients we required a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation.

Please inform us of any changes to appointment within 24 hours of appointment time. We reserve this time exclusively for you treatment therefore require 24 hours notice to have the chance to consult our waiting list and fill in this time frame with another appointment. Any NO-SHOWS, last minute/same day cancellations will be charged as a no show and charged as follows: Any 3rd party coupons will be redeemed if applicable or client will be charged 50% of the full price of the service booked. This policy has been put in place so that cancellation fees to clients may not be necessary. We are always happy to re-schedule your appointment with at least 24 hours advanced notice. Please make sure and contact us should you need to re-schedule.

Late Policy

Due to our high volume of scheduled appointments/walk-ins, We can only hold appointments for 10 minutes as each appointment time is exact to the service. This being said if the 10 minute grace time has lapsed the appointment is considered a no show and is charged as such (50% of the full price of service booked).