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What does a woman truly want? What extremes does she go through to achieve it? This is not only a very confusing subject to a man but a very specific analytical one. To women our complex wants are as simple as it gets. Our wants are our needs and our needs are our wants.

It may be very hard to understand this so allow me to try to put it into laymen’s terms for the “laying around wondering men” out there. You see a woman is like a vibrant flower that blooms when it is time to bloom. She will wilt as a flower but not die for she will lay dormant until it’s time to bloom again. When a woman is in bloom she is at her best. She smells beautiful; she is breath taking and happy; turning her surroundings into a scenery that will not allow you to close your eyes. At this moment is when she is appreciated and she knows it. She knows she is in existence and she is admired.

The thing it is about being a woman is what it takes for her to be in bloom. What stages she must go through to get there. How long that flower lays dormant working; growing; and doing what it must do before it is in bloom. The flower automatically knows when in bloom it is no doubt anything less than perfection.

A woman wants to feel the same way; and to feel this way there are things she needs to do. When she spends her day at the local spa; it’s not because she is selfish; it’s because she needs to be there and do what she must do to feel perfection. When she comes home from the spa with her relaxed improvements she wants you to notice the improvements and needs you to tell her what they are so she can bloom into her very own inner perfection.

If you can understand this and implement it then you will never have to wonder what she wants again and she will always bloom and feel the admiration and adore how you think she is absolute perfection.